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Below is a very small selection of some of the items we have acquired over the last twelve months. We now need to develop and build our collection of military items to allow the story of the Valorous Few to be told.

Items do not have to be VC related or have any connection with a VC ( although we would be very keen to accept into our collection any VC related items ) Our collection is used as props to help tell the story of the men behind the VC and to give a better understand of the conditions and situations they had to endure. We are looking for any military items, old or new, large or small gifted or on loan. From something as small as a cap badge to as big as military vehicles and aircraft, we would be extremely happy to add these to our collection for the public to enjoy and to learn from.


We do not own any VC medals belonging to a recipient, any VC on display is a replica.

All ordnance within the collection is certified free from explosives and has been secured from reputable sources. All firearms at the museum are replicas or are deactivated to new spec.

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